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Nakhon Phanom During The Secret War 1962-1975

606th - Over The Fence

Text contributed by Dick Saunders
Pictures by Dick Saunders and Phil French


Crossing the Mekong at Nakhon Phanom.
Headed in toward Takhet, Laos  - Dick Saunders

Operation "About Face" September 1969
Pictures by Phil French

LS-09 Lat Houang AA Helo & U10 Paired Up

LS-09 Lat Nouang Ferrying Troops Between 20A

Following Air America Helo

Plain De Jars Overview During Operation About Face

Plain De Jars Bombed Crossing & Refugee Shanties


Bombed out section of road in Laos - Dick Saunders

Moung Soui On NW Side OF PDJ Highly Contested NVA Controled This Day 9-69 Picture by Phil French

The camaraderie and respect among pilots and enlisted within the 606th U-10 section was the best and we all made a great team.


Dick Saunders as crew chief on a U-10 for a change.
 Notice all the help I needed


Village of Long Tieng, Laos by Dick Saunders


School for Hmong children at Long Tieng, Laos
Dick Saunders


General Vang Pao's house (LS20A) Long Tieng, Laos
Dick Saunders


NVA tank destroyed on the Plaine De Jars, Northern Laos
Dick Saunders


Dick Saunders at Nakhon Phanom 1969

While flying missions in the U-10 (usually as a leaflet kicker) I was awarded three Air Medals, one of which was earned for achievement while on temporary duty at Long Tieng, Laos at LS-20A in direct support of CAS Operations (CIA).

Dick At CAS HQ


One of the famous Asian Sun Bears everyone heard about but never saw at the CIA base (LS-20A) Long Tieng - Dick Saunders


Just before my tour was to end, the U-10 section began to prepare for shipment of all planes back to the United States which caught us all by surprise. This was the last flight over Nakhon Phanom before we flew all the U-10's to Korat RTAFB, Thailand, disassembled them to be crated and shipped out. I returned to NKP with nothing to do but work on my tan before departing for the Good Ole US of A.  Dick Saunders


Dick Saunders 2013


After serving over 30 years in law enforcement, Dick Saunders retired as a Lieutenant with the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office.  Most recently, he provided high risk security services for the private sector and government agencies.  Dick has one daughter, Kaytren, and is living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 



Dick is a member of the Thailand Laos Cambodia Brotherhood and has graciously provided the text and pictures for the 606th SOS pages. Thank You Dick - Welcome Home Brother!!

Long Tieng Alternate 20A